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Ankeny Exterior Basement & Finishing Services

Transform the look & function of your basement

Too often, homeowners dont know what to do with their unfinished basement, and it ends up simply serving as storage for random clutter. However, with our basement finishing services in Ankeny, our technicians can transform this unpleasant area into a luxurious or cozy environment for the whole family. For personalized support just reach out to A-1 Basement Finishing, and we can make your basement a masterpiece.
Get in touch with us now at 515-553-9803, to schedule a tailored consultation, so that we can get started on making your basement truly livable.

Basement & Finishing​


Understandably, your stark basement can feel cold and uncomfortable when it has not been finished, and it is no wonder that you want to walk upstairs as soon as possible. All this can change with our helpful specialists at A-1 Basement Finishing. You can even utilize this newly comfortable and beautiful area to rent out to visitors, instantly making your basement a profitable investment.
Call us today at (515) 553-9803 or contact us online to ask us about our complimentary estimates for all basement finishing services in Ankeny.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling options you will love.

When you have a lot of family members or guests staying over, it can often feel like a tight squeeze. Taking your unfinished basement and transforming it into a complete living space for your extended relatives and friends is an amazing idea. Our team can renovate this unused portion of your house with gorgeous kitchens and bathroom, so that you will feel like that you have two homes on a single property.
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Basement Design and Finishing Service in NorwaBasement Design and Finishing Service in Norwalklk

Creating the perfect environment for relaxation.

Initially, your unfinished basement may look cold, bare and unpleasant to be in. However, we can transform it into a wonderful place to relax with your family or entertain guests.
Some of our most popular options for basement finishing include adding:

Wet/dry bars -

We can elaborate a part of your basement space with yur desired custom designed pub place. We will add everything to hold and serve your favorite spirits for your guests.

Home theatre

Let us transform your cramped TV area to a high-end home theatre screen, providing uninterrupted entertainment for those you love. Impress your guests with a full screen TV or luxurious seats with total surround sound equipment.

Home gym

Are you into fitness, but frustrated with the inconvenience of travelling to a commercial gym, wasting valuable time and resources ? A home gym with personalised equipment and storage space will be more beneficial to reach your daily health goals in true privacy and relaxation.

Game room

A basement, secluded and insulated from the busy work areas in the rest of the house, is an ideal place for playing games with family and friends, so let us bring your game room to life today.
Basement Finishing in West Des Moines


Whether you are adding a family lounge or a guest bedroom, a fireplace is another beautiful feature to add to your basement. It is not only good for cosmetic purposes, but it is very warm and cozy, making your basement the most comfortable place to be in.

Kids Play area

One of the nicest areas in the entire basement for keeping kids of all ages entertained is the kids’ play area. Give the youngsters the impression that their playroom in the house has a crawling place, a hidden spot, and is safe and secure. The basement can be planned with a variety of amenities, such as recreational areas, games, a pool table, and workout equipment including indoor slides for children as young as toddlers and much more.


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    Looking towards safety of our client and our staff, we now offer Remote Estimate. We are open to Free Home Consultation as well.
    Some of the Small Projects make it possible for us to give estimate by the information provided by you. With our extensive experience of the work, Estimate given to you remotely are pretty Accurate.

    How it Works?

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    5. Please Remember, we are open For Free Home Consultation, we ensure our staff member follow the safety guidelines.

    Our Local Professionals Pay Attention to the Smallest Details

    There is a reason why our services here at A- Basement Finishing & Exteriors, have been so highly rated by both our customers, as well as the Better Business Bureau, where we have received full accreditation. Our highly trained technicians pay attention to even the smallest details, to fully personalize your experience. Because we are family owned, we treat all our clients as our own family members as well, and that means we make it our greatest passion to ensure that you truly love the final product.

    Call us today at (515) 553-9803 or contact us online to enjoy our detailed consultations regarding Ankeny construction and renovations services.

    Our Many


    Basements are often the most neglected space in a home; they are an afterthought for many homeowners. However, the potential these basements have is an off the charts. What one needs here is a reliable basement finishing company based in Des Moines that can assist them in achieving that potential. A1 Basement Finishing & Exteriors is one such Basement Finishing Company in Ankeny. that homeowners can connect with.

    Is Basement Finishing in Polk City really that advantageous?

    The answer to that is an astounding yes. Here are some of the advantages that you can attain with Basement Finishing in West Des Moines.

    • Basement finishing services can add significant value to your home.
    • A finished basement can serve as a functional and enjoyable space
    • It can also provide additional living space for a growing family or guests.
    • Basement finishing services can help maximize your home’s square footage without the need for an expensive home addition.
    • Basement Finishing in Iowa can also help to increase your home’s energy efficiency by addressing issues such as insulation and ventilation.
    • Properly finished basements can also provide additional protection against moisture and mold growth.
    • Basement finishing ensures that the space is safe and up to the latest rules and regulations

    Transform your basement today!

    With our Basement Finishing service in Polk City, you can easily create the basement of your dream and utilize the space in a way you can be proud of. Take advantage of our ‘custom basement design near me’ offering and get the best solution suited to your needs. And if you have any queries, our customer support helpline is operated by experienced and friendly support executives readily available to help you out.