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Decking out your remodeling project from top to bottom

No addition would be complete without the furnishings and fixtures that make each unique space both practical and attractive to look at. Our technicians are fully equipped to add the details that make your home serviceable as well as beautiful. Depending on the distinct purpose of that room, from a home gym to a living room, you might need different flooring, ranging from luxurious vinyl to carpet to porcelain tile. Perhaps your master bedroom could use a new fireplace to add tru elegance and warmth during the chilly winter evenings. Whatever you imagine for your renovation, we want you to remember that there is no detail too complex for us to handle.


Decking Services

Decks give excellent outdoor space for entertainment and recreation. If you already have the deck and need the expansion, rebuilt the deck or resurfacing the decks. We built all kinds of decks.

We can help you with the following -





Covered Deck


Free Home Consultation
Or Remote Estimate


Get Free Estimate!

    Looking towards safety of our client and our staff, we now offer Remote Estimate. We are open to Free Home Consultation as well.
    Some of the Small Projects make it possible for us to give estimate by the information provided by you. With our extensive experience of the work, Estimate given to you remotely are pretty Accurate.

    How it Works?

    1. Please provide description of your project, things you like to get it done.
    2. Please add pictures and videos if possible. This will give us better understanding of the situation and work area.
    3. You can attached pictures and video through this form or you can send us an email at
    4. Please keep in mind Not all the Projects would fall under Remote Estimate, we may have to come out to look at the site, discuss in-depth about the scope of work before we write you an estimate.
    5. Please Remember, we are open For Free Home Consultation, we ensure our staff member follow the safety guidelines.

    Our Local Professionals Pay Attention to the Smallest Details

    There is a reason why our services here at A- Basement Finishing & Exteriors, have been so highly rated by both our customers, as well as the Better Business Bureau, where we have received full accreditation. Our highly trained technicians pay attention to even the smallest details, to fully personalize your experience. Because we are family owned, we treat all our clients as our own family members as well, and that means we make it our greatest passion to ensure that you truly love the final product.

    Call us today at (515) 553-9803 or contact us online to enjoy our detailed consultations regarding Ankeny construction and renovations services.

    Our Many



    Making your project affordable each step of the way

    As a homeowner seeking to start your renovation project, you will likely be thrilled about the prospects of transforming your property but worried about the potential costs. At A-1 Basement Finishing, we make it our highest aim to ensure that customers get the comfortable, beautiful space that they have always dreamed of, which is why we offer such competitive rates. We even include several payment plans so that you can feel that your remodeling project is definitely affordable.
    Call us today at (515) 553-9803 or contact us online, and we would love to discuss options for ankeny remodeling and additions services.