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Stone Work


There are many reasons why stone has been the top choice of homeowners throughout the centuries. It is practically impervious to the elements and does not decay or wear down the way that wood or synthetic materials do, nor does it sustain rust and corrosion like metal. In addition to its powerful durability, stone is perfect for insulating your home from noise, and does a superior job of keeping the temperature levels balanced. no matter what teh season is. This highly versatile material also comes in a wide range of beautiful textures, colors, and patterns, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your walls, columns, accents, fireplaces, and so much more

Strengthen your property with our powerful stone supports

Stone has been known for being one of the most enduring foundational materials one can use for building a house. When you entrust the masonry of your home to our expert technicians, you can count on the fact that your stonework will last throughout the decades. On account of its tough exterior, our stonework is capable of resisting any form of natural disasters, from harsh winds to rainstorms to blizzards, and is powerful against fire damage as well. Whether you are looking to have the entirety of your exterior walls paved in stone, or want to build enduring posts and columns inside, you can be sure that our skillfully designed stone projects can stand strong through the ages.

Types of Stone

We are proud to work with many different types of stone, so ask us any questions regarding masonry such as:

Stonework That Beautifies Your Home

While stonework has a functional purpose, it is also one of the most attractive forms of materials to use on the inside and outside of your residence as well. There are so many kinds of stone, and the many patterns, colors, textures, and grains which are available can be tailored to match your unique preferences. Perhaps you are going for a rustic, country look, or may be you want to leave the rugged outdoors behind and opt for cool elegance. No matter what ambience you want to achieve for your walls. fireplace, or anything else, our dedicated technicians are ready to help you select from a huge variety of options, so that you find the stonework that sets apart your home’s individual style and mood.


Stone Services

We work with all different kinds of stone, Stone work adds beauty to your place. Exterior and Interior stone work.

We can help you with the following -


Free Home Consultation
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Get Free Estimate!

    Looking towards safety of our client and our staff, we now offer Remote Estimate. We are open to Free Home Consultation as well.
    Some of the Small Projects make it possible for us to give estimate by the information provided by you. With our extensive experience of the work, Estimate given to you remotely are pretty Accurate.

    How it Works?

    1. Please provide description of your project, things you like to get it done.
    2. Please add pictures and videos if possible. This will give us better understanding of the situation and work area.
    3. You can attached pictures and video through this form or you can send us an email at
    4. Please keep in mind Not all the Projects would fall under Remote Estimate, we may have to come out to look at the site, discuss in-depth about the scope of work before we write you an estimate.
    5. Please Remember, we are open For Free Home Consultation, we ensure our staff member follow the safety guidelines.

    Our Local Professionals Pay Attention to the Smallest Details

    There is a reason why our services here at A- Basement Finishing & Exteriors, have been so highly rated by both our customers, as well as the Better Business Bureau, where we have received full accreditation. Our highly trained technicians pay attention to even the smallest details, to fully personalize your experience. Because we are family owned, we treat all our clients as our own family members as well, and that means we make it our greatest passion to ensure that you truly love the final product.

    Call us today at (515) 553-9803 or contact us online to enjoy our detailed consultations regarding Ankeny construction and renovations services.

    Our Many



    Making your project affordable each step of the way

    Simply get in touch with A-1 Basement Finishing to enjoy our gorgeous stonework services in Ankeny. including options for: 

    • Interior stonework
    • Exterior stonework
    • Fireplace stonwork
    Contact us now at (515) 553-9803 if you have any questions about the right kind of stone for your unique house.

    Stonework has become increasingly popular in recent years – and is valid for both residential and commercial spaces. And it is not a surprise as there are just so many benefits that one can avail after opting for Stonework on their property. However, there is one area where such an operation has made a significant impact, and that is Fireplace design.

    Stonework for your fireplace can result in increased durability and even a massive increase in the aesthetic appeal of the property. These fireplaces are built to last and withstand high temperatures, something that would have to endure on a constant basis. So, it is crucial that you connect with a trustworthy Fireplace and Stone Des Moines solutions provider. That is what you will get with A1 Basement Finishing & Exteriors.

    Here we provide high-quality yet affordable stonework solutions that will beautify your home and increase its property value. So, do not think for a second more, and connect with us today!

    Why Hire Our Stone Work Services

    • Skilled Craftsmanship: We have some of the top professionals in the industry on our payroll. These professionals are highly skilled and have the expertise to fruit your vision into reality.
    • Quality Materials: To get the best results for any work, it is essential that one utilize only the finest materials for their project. That is what we do in our Stone Work service. We use only the highest quality stones and materials to ensure the durability and longevity of your project.
    • Customized Designs: We work closely with our clients to create customized designs that suit their specific preferences and needs. Our team would leave stone left unturned in ensuring a unique and personalized finished product.

    Now, you have good reasons to hire our stone work services. So, what are you waiting for? Book our services today.