We offer budget-friendly basement construction without sacrificing quality.

At A1 Basement Finishing, we streamline the basement construction process.


Finalize Estimate

Following our initial meeting, we will collaborate to create a comprehensive floorplan and detailed quotation that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. Once this is prepared, we will promptly provide it to you for your thorough review.


Design & Plan

After our meeting, our team will initiate the initial design process, meticulously assess project possibilities, estimate project completion time, and then swiftly compose a comprehensive proposal for your thoughtful review.



Upon agreement signing, our initial step is securing the city permit and ensuring compliance with its requirements. Simultaneously, we’ll begin material selection and assembly, with owners visiting vendors to make their choices. We’ll pre-schedule tasks based on an estimated city process timeline.


Approval on the Proposal

Upon approval of the proposal, we’ll arrange another discussion, call, or meeting as per project requirements. We’ll delve into the project specifics, address your queries, and guide you through the forthcoming steps to ensure complete clarity regarding the process ahead.


Actual Work Begins

Once we obtain the city permit, material procurement will commence, aligning with the pre-scheduled timeline. We’ll ensure owners receive daily updates and tomorrow’s plan through their preferred communication method. Witness the daily progress as your dream project takes shape.



Upon reaching successful project completion, our dedicated team will meticulously conduct an extensive final walkthrough, designed to ensure your complete satisfaction and guarantee the final outcome aligns with your specific requirements and vision.

Ready to move on to the next step?

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